Madeira Island walks/hikes

To reserve transport for your walk, please email us your booking details.

We only provide the transport, the walks are unguided.

All transports start and finish at your hotel’s reception area or at the harbour.


If needed, please alter your details by using the drop down menu below.

If you wish to book transport for more than 8 people do not hesitate to contact us.

For transport starting at the harbour or outside the Funchal area please request a quote.

For your own safety and comfort

In no circumstances should you stand or walk too close to any edges.

Wear a pair of good quality non-slip walking shoes or boots that fit comfortably. Appropriate socks will also help.

Dressing in layers will enable you to maintain good body temperature. Wear loose fitting clothes. Have a light rain suit or waterproof jacket.

Carry some food, water, a lantern and your mobile phone.

Terms and Conditions

Service duration includes transportation time and is approximate.

The price is for the service even when it’s complete in less time.

Our price does not include meals or any other personal expenses.

To ensure availability on your desired date and time, kindly place your booking until 12 noon the day before.

#1 Levada do Vale Paraíso

  • Camacha
43h00 (incl. transport)

#2 Balcões

  • Ribeiro Frio
  • Balcões
43h00 (incl. transport)

#3 Levada do Norte

  • Quinta Grande
  • Boa Morte
44h00 (incl. transport)

#4 Levada dos Maroços

  • Levada dos Maroços
45h00 (incl. transport)

#5 Levada da Referta

  • Levada da Referta
45h00 (incl. transport)

#6 Levada do Furado

  • Ribeiro Frio
  • Portela
45h00 (incl. transport)

#7 Encumeada

  • Boca da Corrida
  • Encumeada
46h00 (incl. transport)

#8 Ponta de São Lourenço

  • Ponta de São Lourenço
  • Casa do Sardinha
45h00 (incl. transport)

#9 Levada Nova da Ponta do Sol

  • Ponta do Sol
  • Levada do Moinho
45h00 (incl. transport)

#10 Levada Nova da Calheta

  • Calheta
46h30 (incl. transport)

#11 25 Fontes

  • Rabaçal
  • Risco
  • 25 Fontes
46h30 (incl. transport)

#12 Caldeirão Verde

  • Santana
  • Queimadas
  • Caldeirão Verde
47h00 (incl. transport)

#13 Pico Ruivo

  • Pico do Areeiro
  • Pico Ruivo
  • Achada do Teixeira
47h00 (incl. transport)

#14 Levada do Rei

  • São Jorge
47h00 (incl. transport)